Traveler’s Guide: York, England

Searching for the perfect British getaway? Look no further than York. Located in the picturesque northeastern corner of the country, just a 2 hour train ride from London, York is one of the most interesting cities in Britain. There truly is something for everyone. History buffs won͛t be able to get enough of the 2 millennia worth of history, from the ancient Romans to the Vikings. There are plenty of museums, historic sites, and intriguing history around every corner. A weekend trip with friends may bring you to one of York͛’s multiple breweries, vineyards, or pubs for a memorable night out. York is even fun for the whole family – there are plenty of fun activities for the kids, including a maze and an adventure park.

Photo Jun 28, 9 11 50 PM

One of York͛’s most striking features is its medieval walls; it is, indeed, a walled city.  York was founded by the ancient Romans in 71 AD, who used walls and moats for defense against intruders. The York City Walls are the most complete ancient defense structure in all of England and span an impressive 2.5 miles. In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, they tend to double as an effective walking
pathway free from the traffic below.


York is also home to York Minster, a colossal Gothic cathedral that dominates the city center. The Archbishop of York, the second highest office in the Church of England, resides here. The city has a history of importance within the Church, and still remains mostly Christian to this day.

York Minster is a magnificent structure with amazing stained glass that is centuries old. The Great East window is the ͚largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.͛

The structure as it stands today was finished in 1472 and contains many unique towers, bells, shrines, glass, and other architectural details.

No visit to York is complete without exploring The Shambles, a slim alleyway packed with small cafes, tea rooms, and boutiques. The narrow, overhanging Shambles will take you back in time, as will the quirky Snickelways you͛’ll find there.

These are a maze of little streets that connected the city centuries ago. Be sure to watch for meat hooks – The Shambles was once an alley of butcher markets, and a few can still be seen outside of present-day shops.

York was once home to Vikings, and their history lives on at the Jorvik Viking Centre. The Centre details the lives of medieval Vikings with accurate renditions of their dwellings and workplaces, as well as reenactments. History fanatics and children alike will enjoy learning about the daily lives of the Vikings
of years past.
There͛’s so much to love about York, from its cutely cobbled streets to the robust history you͛’ll find around every corner. Foodies, families, honeymooners, students and lone wolves will all find something to love in this robust town. Be sure to check out local calendars on the York Visitor Information page to see what exciting events are happening during your visit.Photo May 19, 11 55 09 PM


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