Just getting there is half the fun.

Fall is creeping in here at home. The leaves are all in full transformation, making the tree tops all look like they’re on fire. We’re starting to get frost on our windshields in the morning. This time last year I was in full swing of booking a trip to England. Mapping out destinations and hovering over a map of the overground trains.

  Which places connect where? how long are the rides? Should I throw a stop over in?
No that we’ve spent many months back home on the daily grind, what I miss most is the train rides.

Riding the trains through the countryside in the Uk you get to see all sorts of things, and I love every second of it


Our first train ride from Dublin to Galway I remember wanting to take pictures of everything just so I could bring it home to show everybody.

 The way the farms were situated, tiny village stations decorated beautifully for spring & the upcoming holiday.

   I remember passing castle tower ruins in the middle of an empty field, nobody paying it any mind, after all why would they? Castles & ruins dot the landscape like dandelions in the summer grass. 

  I expect a fair few will think, “why is this guy showing us a bunch of pictures of farms and fields”
That’s a fair point. 

   It’s just that we’re so immersed in the digital age that we tend to forget to just put it all down. The world is full of so much beauty but we’re so wrapped up with who’s saying what to whom on Facebook that we don’t even notice what’s zipping past us just outside of the window.


The next time you’re on a train, a bus, or even a car, put down your phone, look out the window, and imagine yourself out there!

Go explore, even if you can only do it in your imagination.

Here are a few more photos from my bus & train journeys in the Uk.
  Around the Antrim coast, Northern Ireland.



 A castle ruin in Ayrshire Scotland 

  Along the way to Inverness through the Scottish highlands
  A chalk horse somewhere in Wiltshire England
  A field of Rapeseed somewhere between Yorkshire & London in late May.


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