5 places in the UK you Absolutely MUST Visit! 

Most of the time when you think of visiting the UK, you think of the big tourism spots like London, Liverpool, Manchester, or maybe even a coastal visit down to Brighton.
While all of these cities are definitely “must see” places, we encourage you to spend some extra time out of of the chaotic hubbub of the modern metropolis and head out to some of the more interesting and a little less visited places. Not to call them obscure, in the summer months during peak season you’ll still have crowds, they’re just not going to be near as Intense as that of say London or Birmingham.

So without further adieu, here’s a list of our 5 favorite places that you absolutely must visit while exploring the United Kingdom!

  1.  BATH  – From an ancient roman spa to the lighthearted Georgian architecture. Bath is a lovely low key city to spend some time in. Explore an ancient roman thermal bath, the namesake of the city, take in some ancient ruins, have some delicious tea in the tea house, stroll through the streets and visit a multitude of shops, pubs, eateries, & cafe’s. Bath is also a perfect jump off spot for exploring Salisbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, & The Cotswolds by car or with a small group tour!

    2014-05-15 16.53.04   2014-05-15 19.29.01IMG_8522

  2. YORK– stroll through the ancient medieval gates of York and explore my personal favorite city in England. Visit the magnificent York minster and gaze upon some of the most gorgeous stained glass, walk the city’s legendary shambles, tiny winding cobblestone roads lined with gorgeous medieval shops. Visit the York museum and take a stroll through Victorian era York! Catch one of the ghost walks that leave from various pubs throughout the city!

    2014-05-21 15.14.132014-05-21 11.03.11IMG_1712IMG_1593

  3. CONWY– The monumental Conwy castle ruins looms over the small olde town streets reminding us how life was in those days. Conwy is a small slow but beautiful place. Off of
    the beaten path to the every day tourist but well worth the visit! Visit the castle and imagine what it would have been like to have been under siege, eat lunch like a local in one of the pubs in the old town or maybe just a pint, stop by one of their sweets shops and grab some puffs, pastries, or candies, and fall in love with the delights of Wales!


  4. INVERNESS– experience the vastness of the Scottish highlands from Inverness! Situated on the river ness in northern Scotland it’s the perfect jump off point to see so much! The isle of sky, the Orkney islands All of the lochs, castles both standing as well as in ruins, at a comfortable easy pace. The city is small and inviting. It feels like the last bit of northern civilization before heading out into the great wilderness. Inverness is my personal favorite place to visit in Scotland!


  5. AYR-situated on the southern west coast of Scotland, it’s a perfect example of an every day city in Scotland. There’s plenty of shopping in town as well as lots to eat. A short bus ride in any direction will put you into the crisp gorgeous Scottish country side, explore, visit castles and ruins or just relax and enjoy the feeling of being a temporary Scotsman while you’re in town!

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