Cybermen in Glasgow! 

It was 7:30 am and much colder than we had initially been prepared for. we were hustling out of one Glasgow train station and heading to another, dodging people equally in a hurry heading to work or other trains.  

The majority of the time I’m looking at my phone, tracing the little blue ball as it bobs along in step with me on Google maps. It’s always going forwards and sideways, trying to make sure we go any direction but the correct one. 
Coming to an intersection I look up. Early morning traffic zooming by on four lanes up ahead of me. 
Google tells me to make a left at the intersection and walk four blocks. 
Heading up the road; there’s a large gap between two sets of buildings with a brick drive. 

As we start to pass the drive I look up. 
I almost dropped my phone in as I clutched for Nina’s arm. 
“Nina” I cried “The Doctor”
Saving the world again,from Glasgow.


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