Put away you large bulky luggage for good! Here’s why

Bags you carry vs bags you roll.
If you’ve been on the go you know the struggle. Should I pack my belongings in something I can throw over my back or pack it in something I can pull behind me. Unfortunately a lot of folks go with the latter choice without even weighing their options. 
Bigger is not always better. 

For us, packing light is key!  

The problem with these Wheelie carts as we call them, is that you take a person add a walking cart behind them and boom you’ve more than doubled their required walking space. 
  What I mean by that is, imagine being on a platform departing your train carrying your luggage amongst 2000 other people doing the same, the general adult stride is roughly 3 feet, so a person would need a continuously moving space of roughly 3 feet, now add in a 4 foot long bag being pulled behind you, weaving to and fro at a (hopefully) quick pace. It’s nearly impossible to navigate around. 
The inconvenience of space consumed isn’t the only downfall for this larger than life luggage. The majority of these monstrous bags are much too large for a carry on, so you must check your luggage. Not only can this get very expensive it’s also a monumental time waster!

 Limiting your packing to only what you can carry can be a feat in itself, but the liberation of breezing through customs & immigration at the airport, totally bypassing the hordes of antsy travelers at the baggage claim and getting the train, bus, or cabs before the crowd is better than packing an extra sweater that you’re not going to need anyway!
Then there’s the transporting of your bags. 

 Remember, when your out there running the streets of an unknown place, the last thing you’re going to want to deal with is a bunch of heavy, bulky luggage.   

 A lot of the time roads are narrow and uneven, hallways are cramped, rooms are small, and there’s a lot of steps. 


I’ll cover what to pack, what not to pack, and why later on. For now, remember, if you can live without it, don’t bring it!   
Europe sells ponchos, umbrellas, clothes, first aid supplies, and more or less anything you can get at home. It is fruitless to over-encumber yourself with all the random objects people feel more comfortable having on their person, there’s no need to lug it with you through the airports and trains.


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